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Expan Smallwares & Fixtures Corporation - best consultant of Foodservice & sanitary maintenance layout.

Company Profile

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Company Profile

Established in 1986, we distribute the U.S. Rubbermaid Commercial Products brand, as well as Calmil, Ettore, Metro, San Jamar, San-Neng and Turbo. We hold a leading position in the food service equipment and cleaning equipment markets.

We provide food service equipment to hotels, shopping centers, food courts, Chinese and Western-style restaurants and fast food restaurants, as well as cleaning equipment and provision of professional planning services to hospitals, schools, cleaning companies and the catering industry. With a great deal of industry experience and a solid reputation, we can satisfy the diverse product needs of any customer.

Major events

Expansion strives to understand the exact details of every customer requirement, effectively optimizing production modes and reducing time to market. Accordingly, from 2013 we have invested in upgrade of our ERP system in order to pursue BPR. At the same time, we have noticed that standard products in the catering industry often cannot meet the needs of operational locations. Demand for customization or partial modification is increasing all the time while market trends change rapidly. We want to offer real-time delivery services with no shortfalls to meet diverse customer needs. Therefore, in 2014, we spent millions of dollars on the purchase of land at Loung Te Industrial Park to build a new warehouse logistics and customization factory. Since 2006, we have sold our Turbo brand in overseas markets and it has been very well received. We want to enhance brand visibility and promote the concept of “MADE IN TAIWAN = high quality and high added value” to the world. Therefore, we have cooperated with the former distributor of Google keywords since 2015. Together we transformed our website into an interactive e-commerce site in multiple languages.

Company philosophy

We named our company “EXPANSION” because we pursue innovation continuously expand our business to become an industry leader. We conduct comprehensive planning with outstanding quality and efficiency. We also think about ways to innovate current business models to offer service diversification. We find the right channels for quality products and introduce new differentiated products for current channels. “Pursue excellent service” has been our goal since establishment. We have enjoyed countless success and won much public praise.

Social responsibility

We have constantly grown in Taiwan and are now the leading supplier of cleaning and catering equipment. For the past few years, we have spared no effort in contributing to society. We encourage employees to join us to participate in the "Year-end-party for the Homeless - 30-minutes of Happiness” held by the Genesis Social Welfare Foundation, Huashan Social Welfare Foundation and Zenan Homeless Social Welfare Foundation. We also donate supplies to charities such as the Bethany Children’s Home. We take from society and give back to society so as to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities.


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